Custom Solutions

Focus on solenoid coil customization, 10 years of rich experience, serviced 100 + industries

Beris Electronic (BRS) is one of the top solenoid coil manufacturers in China. We customize and develop various types of coils according to customer needs. 

We have many advanced manufacturing equipment, which can produce solenoid coils automatically, efficiently and economically. The solenoid coils we produce are well welcome by our valve customers, and many of them use our products to replace the original coils.

Our experienced engineers can quickly customize a set of very effective and practical solenoid valve coil solutions according to your requirements, which can meet your various performance requirements for the product, and can extend the use life of solenoid valve coils through reasonable structural design life.
Welcome you to discuss with us about your ideas, plans, requirements and drawing design for the project. To develop your own personalized coil together now.

BRS Customization Services:


Reverse Engineering

Mold design

Mass production

Customization Range
Voltage:  DC(12V/24V/36V), AC(36V/110V/220/380V), or others.

Power:  DC(3W/4W/4.8W), AC(4.5VA/5VA/6VA), or others.

Protection level:  IP65/IP67

Insulation class:  Class F/H/N/R

Operating environment temperature:  -20 ℃ ~ 60℃, or others.

Frequency:  50/60Hz

Structure & Modeling:  AMISCO/NASS/ASCO/DANFOSS/AIRTAC, or others.

Plastic package category:  Thermosetting / Thermoplastic

Frame material:  PBT/PA66/PPS/PET

Bracket material:  DT4/DT4C/low carbon steel, or others

Wiring method:  ;DIN 43650/AMPJunior/DEUTSCH/ KOSTAL/FLYING Lead/METRIPAK, or others.

Main Industries Serviced

Why Choose BRS Coil Custom service?
Short customization time

 5 days  for prototyping with exist mold.

 30 days for new mold development.

High quality, global standard

The solenoid coils produced by BRS are all verified by CE certificate.

Rich experience team, served 100+ industries

Our team has touched and developed uncounted coil items for various industries.    


Perfect customization process

We have very mature customization process, avoid potential operation mistakes during project development.

Excellent service system

Service global, 20+ countries we have exported to.  


Affordable price

With advanced manufacturing  process & device, experienced engineers & skilled workers. BRS made coil not only with top quality, but also with very good competitive cost.

Customization Process
BRS team stick to the customization process strictly. We watch every details and do each step carefully. Assure all action in accordance with the initial developing plan.
01 Listen to customer needs
02 Preliminary plan& offer
03  Project planing
04 Product Design
05 Mold development
06 Small batch verification
07 Massive production
 08 Packaging &shipment

Reference Cases
Hydraulic Solenoid Coil 
Automotive Solenoid Coil
Fluid Control Solenoid Coil 
Refrigeration Solenoid Coil
Pneumatic Solenoid Coil
Textile Machinery Solenoid Coil

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