Solenoid Connector Solutions
IP67 Waterproof Connector

The rated protection level of the universal solenoid valve junction box is IP65, which is sufficient to meet the requirements of many applications, which means that the product must be very reliable when exposed to liquids and dust.

However, the requirements of the Beris team are not limited to this. We have successfully developed a new generation of connectors with a protection class of IP67 (in accordance with IEC60529), with a special sealing structure design, which can truly meet customers' waterproof application environments.

Not only that, the outlet hole size of this junction box is between 4-8mm, which can be freely adjusted to meet the needs of most customers.

Conventional coils and apertures are fixed. When customers need to use cables of different sizes, they have to choose junction boxes with different outlet diameters. Some are not standard, and they must be customized by opening molds. Not only is the cost high, but also Will lead to chaos in management.

Eliminating Noise for AC Solenoid Valve

Problem Description:

The AC solenoid valve commonly emit a continuous buzzing sound when working, and some sounds are particularly loud. This situation is quite common during the use of the solenoid valve.

Cause Analysis

This is mainly due to the alternating magnetic field generated by the alternating current. There are 120 times (60Hz) of the current crossing the zero point, which will cause the non-stop movement of the moving iron core and the return spring. The continuous sound we hear is this jitter. Some have installed a magnetic ring on the static iron core, but the role of the magnetic ring is very limited, and the problem cannot be completely solved.


Beris team has designed a special rectifier solenoid connector, which can turn AC current into DC current. The electromagnetic field generated by DC current is very stable, and there is no alternating current field. This completely solves the problem from the source.

Benefits for customer

Completely eliminate the alternating current noise and extend the service life of the solenoid valve

Diversified Electrical Circuit Solutions

Solution 1: Bipolar LED indicator, indicates supply voltage, suitable for DC and AC voltage application

Solution 2: LED indicator, indicates supply voltage. Diode as over voltage protection, suitable for DC and AC voltage application

Solution 3: Bipolar LED indicator, indicates supply voltage. VDR as over voltage protection, suitable for DC and AC voltage application

Solution 4: Full wave rectifier and LED indicator for supply voltage. VDR as over voltage Suitable for DC and AC voltage application protection 

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