Everything You Need to Know About Solenoid Valve Armature


What is the Solenoid Valve Armature

In an electromagnetic mechanism, it is attracted by a fixed electromagnet and forms a closed magnetic circuit with the electromagnet after movement. This moving ferromagnet is called an "armature", such as the upper part of a common AC contactor that drives the contact.What are the materials of the solenoid valve armature

What Are the Materials of the Solenoid Valve Armature

In the electromagnetic mechanism, the armature is generally made of soft magnetic materials, such as pure iron, cast iron, silicon steel, and permalloy, etc.

In conclusion

Solenoid valve coils and armatures have certain requirements for raw materials. For electromagnet buyers, choosing a reliable manufacturer is very important. BRS is an excellent manufacturer of electromagnetic coils, armature components, and connectors in China. We can provide customized solenoid valve armatures according to customer needs. At present, our products have been sold to more than 30 countries around the world. If you need, you can contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.
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