How to Choose a Cheap Solenoid Valve Coil


For a long time, the sales price of solenoid valve coils has attracted the attention of customers. Many users hope to purchase high-quality and low-cost products, which can help companies reduce cost pressure. However, the market price of this product is affected by many factors. Here are some specific factors that affect the sales price:

Factors that determine the price of electromagnetic coils

  • 1. Manufacturing materials

The performance of the solenoid valve coil is closely related to the material. The material used by the manufacturer is different, the performance of the product is very different, and the selling price of the product is naturally different. The material manufactured is superior, and the performance of the product is good, then the manufacturer gives The price is naturally higher.

There are three commonly used sealing materials for solenoid valve coils

EPDM rubber

This material can resist oxygen, light and heat very well, and has low water absorption, making it a very good insulating material.

Nitrile rubber

The material has good oil resistance, abrasion resistance and airtightness, but it is not resistant to some ester solvents and ozone.

fluoro rubber

This material has good temperature adaptability and can be used in an environment of -20℃~260℃, but the price is relatively high.

  • 2. Manufacturing Technology

Although the material used by the manufacturer can increase the price of the solenoid valve coil if the material used is relatively high, but if the manufacturing technology is not high, then the performance of the material is not used, which will only lead to material waste and no advantage to the sales price, In addition, the manufacturing process is more exquisite, so the requirements for production equipment and the technical requirements of the workers are relatively high, and the cost of the product is high, and the price will also increase.

  • 3. Energy costs and labour costs

The energy cost and labour cost of electromagnetic coils cannot be generalized. There are electromagnetic coil manufacturers all over the world, and different electromagnetic coil manufacturers have different energy and labour costs.

In the electromagnetic coil manufacturing process, the operation of different equipment requires a stable power supply. The cost of electricity is also part of the cost of the electromagnetic coil. Electricity prices in different countries are different, so the calculation of the electromagnetic coil energy cost must consider your own production capacity. The calculation of labour costs is almost the same. You must calculate the average production capacity and total labour cost before you can get the average labour cost for each solenoid.

But the management costs of workers are different in different countries. Labour costs in developing countries are lower than those in developed countries.

Recommendations for buying cheap solenoid valve coils

There are many solenoid valve coil manufacturers in the world, so compared to other countries, China's solenoid valve coils are relatively cheap. Due to the lower labour and manufacturing costs in China, the coils produced in China are much cheaper. You can find Chinese suppliers on b2b platforms such as Alibaba and make in China.

BRS is a Chinese supplier specializing in the production of electromagnetic coils. The solenoid valve coils produced have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions. The electromagnetic coils produced by the company have insulation grades of H, N, C, and protection grades of IP65, IP67 and IP69K. After decades of development, a series of representative coil products have been developed. It can be applied in the hydraulic field, refrigeration field, automobile field, textile field.

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