How Does the Solenoid Valve Coil Work in a Hydraulic System?


What is an Electromagnetic Coil?

Solenoid Valve Coil is the most important electronic control component in the solenoid valve. It is composed of copper or aluminum wire wound into a hollow form. It converts AC or DC electrical energy into linear mechanical motion to drive the solenoid valve. 

This is achieved by placing a ferromagnetic core inside the coil. In the solenoid valve, the ferromagnetic core is called the valve core. When the current flows through the coil, due to the magnetic effect of the current, a magnetic field is generated in the surrounding space, thereby magnetizing the valve core into an electromagnet, and then under the electromagnetic force, the electromagnet further slide upward into the coil, thereby opening the valve port or pilot hole to realize the on-state of the solenoid valve


How Does Electromagnetic Coil Work in Hydraulic System?

In the hydraulic solenoid valve, the solenoid valve is used to control the flow of fluid. Most commonly, they are used as low-power switches that open and close pilot valves, which in turn control the main valve by applying pressure to a connected piston or diaphragm.


Replace the Solenoid Coil

When the solenoid coil used to control the hydraulic solenoid valve wears out or stops running, the solenoid coil needs to be replaced in the hydraulic system.

A solenoid is an electromagnet with a metal coil tightly wrapped around a solid metal core. They generate a controlled uniform magnetic field, and metal coils can be inserted or removed, thus providing a control method for various equipment, including hydraulic valves.


Tips of Choosing Replacement Solenoid Coil

From the apperance and sizes, sometimes, there is almost no difference between the different types of replacement solenoid coils, but they can have various supply voltages and power comsumption, which may affect which one you choose. They are also available from many different manufacturers, reprensent differenct quality.

Common Voltages Are:

  • 12v dc solenoid coil
  • 24v dc solenoid coil
  • 110v ac solenoid coil
  • 120v ac solenoid coil
  • 220v ac solenoid coil
  • 230v ac solenoid coil
  • 240v ac solenoid coil

Learn more about how to choose a right quality solenoid coil, please visit:


The Importance of  Quality Electromagnetic Coil Manufacturer

A qualified solenoid valve coil can promote the normal operation of the solenoid valve and reduce the occurrence of accidents. So you need a professional solenoid coil manufacturer to provide you with products and services.

Ningbo Beris Electronic  (BRS)   is a China top manufacturer specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of solenoid valve coils, armature assembly and connectors.

We offer global customers with standard or customized solenoid coil & accessories products, both we provide professional one-stop solutions.

Hydraulic System BRS Serviced:

  • Water supply system
  • Turbine system
  • Fuel/gasoline supply system
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Process control in manufacturing plants
  • Hydraulic motors, breaks, pumps in automotive industry
  • Hydraulic machinery in aerospace and marine industries
  • Heavy machinery in construction and landscaping
  • Machinery in agricultural sectors
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