Solenoid Coil Overheat and Solutions

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Solenoid valve coil overheat is the most common problem encountered when the coil works with the solenoid valve. Beris team analyzed this situation mainly for the following reasons:

01 When the solenoid valve coil is energized, the moving iron core is attracted and a closed magnetic circuit is formed. At this time, the inductance is at its maximum and the heating state of the coil is normal; but when the solenoid valve is in during work, when encountering problems such as oil stains, impurities, and deformation of seals, the moving iron core cannot be attracted normally, or its action is too slow, which will cause the coil inductance to decrease, and the impedance will also follow. Decrease, and the current will increase accordingly, causing problems such as excessive coil current, which will induce coil heating.

For this problem, the internal parts of the solenoid valve need to be cleaned, cleaned, or even replaced in time.

02 The overheat problem caused by improper selection by the user, the solenoid valve is divided into two types: normally open and normally closed. During the application process, if the user does not choose according to the specific type of solenoid valve, such as: the normally closed type is selected, However, the actual operation process requires a normally open type, which will cause the problem of overheating of the solenoid valve coil. 

For such problems, the product should be replaced in time according to the actual situation.

03 If the solenoid valve coil contains an energy-saving protection module, it can achieve energy-saving and coil cooling effects. However, if the electromagnetic valve coil energy-saving module fails during operation, it will cause problems such as coil heating. 

Solution: Replace the energy-saving protection module in time.

04 Overload work, the working environment of the solenoid valve application is higher than the working environment of the product design specification.

The working temperature of the solenoid valve, the medium temperature is higher than the required standard, the working pressure is too large, and the power supply voltage is too bad will cause heat and other problems.

For such problems, the application should be adjusted reasonably according to the requirements.

05  Quality problems, the overheat problem caused by the quality of the solenoid valve coil itself,  it should be replaced with a qualified solenoid valve coil in time.

If you are still have the problems with the heating or others. please contact Beris Team Now!
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