Top 5 Hydraulic Solenoid Valve Coil Manufacturer and Supplier


Solenoid valve coils can be used in the pneumatic industry, hydraulic valve industry, refrigeration industry, textile industry. The sustainable energy projects and water treatment plans in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific have increased significantly. In terms of water treatment, desalination activities are becoming more and more popular in the municipal and industrial sectors, which has brought a huge demand for automation in this field. The demand for solenoid valve coils will also greatly increase. In response to this demand, we have listed some excellent solenoid valve coil suppliers and manufacturers.



Source: Danfoss 

Company Profile

Danfoss is a Danish multinational company, based in Denmark, with more than 28,000 employees globally. Danfoss was founded in 1933 by engineer Mads Clausen. In 2002 Danfoss joined the United Nations Global Compact, consisting of nine principles with social and environmental responsibility.

The Danfoss Group manufactures products and provides services used in:

  • cooling food
  • air conditioning
  • heating buildings
  • variable-frequency drives
  • gas compressors
  • powering mobile machinery.



Source: Parker 

Company Profile

Parker Hannifin’s Hydraulic Cartridge Systems Division (HCS) is a unique combination of strategic acquisitions that provided valve design best practices and created the largest cartridge valve portfolio in the hydraulics industry for our customers. Modular cartridge valve technology allows creative solutions to complement traditional spool valves, allowing Parker to meet customer requirements and provide the best system solutions possible. HCS also has the unique ability to design manifolds for integration specifically with other Parker divisional products, allowing one of a kind, clever, and compact solutions made with the combination of world class, state-of-the-art Parker product.

Products Offered: Hydraulic Solenoid Coil



Source: HydraForce

Company Profile

Since its founding, HydraForce continues to be a privately held company as it has grown to several manufacturing locations in North America, Europe and Asia, with a network of 120 stocking distributors who can offer local support across the globe.

To maintain our core competency of speed to market, HydraForce has invested in application technical support tools including i-Design, our free hydraulic system design software, which integrates seamlessly with 3rd party simulation software, monthly webinars on new products and application tips, and an online product catalog.

Products Offered: Hydraulic Solenoid Coil



Source: Amisco

Company Profile

Amisco is a family company specializing in the design, development and production of encapsulated electric coils and complete solenoids for solenoid-operated valves and pneumatic pilot valves for industrial pneumatics.

Types of products offered:

  • Pneumatic valves
  • Coils for solenoid valves
  • Coils for hydraulic applications
  • Coils for automotive applications
  • Coils for gas and oil control valves for burners
  • Coils for different purposes


Beris Electronic

Company Profile

Ningbo Beris Electronic Company (BRS)   is a manufacturer specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of solenoid valve coils, armature assembly and connectors.

We offer global customers with standard or customized solenoid coil & accessories products, both we providing with professional one-stop solutions.

Beris Electronic features high-quality products and services, 

reasonable costs, and timely delivery. The company is located in the centre of Ningbo Pneumatic Industry Cluster in China. 

Types of products offered:

  • Solenoid Coils
  • Solenoid Valve Armature
  • Solenoid Connector



If you want to choose a coil manufacturer that can provide you with a cheap price, then you can try to contact Beris Electronic. This is a supplier specializing in the production of coils, the price of which is only one-fifth of the top manufacturers, but the quality is the same. To reduce procurement costs, Beris Electronic is your best choice!

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