How to Find Solenoid Coil Manufacturers in France?


Coil products are very popular in France. To start a solenoid coil business, you will likely need a large number of coil products to do the job. So how to find a suitable solenoid coil manufacturer or supplier in France?

This article will provide you with detailed instructions, please read this article patiently!


We Are a Professional Plastic Solenoid Coil Manufacturer

We have distributors all over the world, which enables us to better serve our customers.

We have a huge online presence that allows us to keep in touch with clients and high volume clients all over the world. 

Beris Electronic is the world's top electromagnetic coil manufacturer and is widely acclaimed. We have the most advanced technology, professional knowledge and a team of skilled and excellent engineering designers. That's why we are so popular in France.

We have many types of products, such as pneumatic solenoid coils, hydraulic solenoid coils, fluid control solenoid coils, refrigeration solenoid coils, textile machine solenoid coils, and automotive solenoid coils. We can provide you with various series of solenoid coils.


The Most Popular Solenoidcoil Brand in France

Are you looking for high quality solenoid coils? Visit our solenoid coil catalog, select the category you need, and tell us your needs. We have unparalleled manufacturing capabilities to provide you with tailor-made solutions.

Moreover, as a well-known electromagnetic coil supplier in China, we make sure that the products reach your place within the stipulated time.

Here are some advantages of our manufacturer:

Samples are available for reference before purchasing our coils

Various types of solenoid coils for your choice

Our range of solenoid coils are the best selling products in the world

We have distributors and agents in many countries and regions around the world

We have rich overseas export experience


The Power of Beris Coils

Beris valve coils are designed and manufactured according to EN 60204.1 and VDE 0580 for industrial environmental conditions, in different environments with high humidity or high temperature, with different electrical connections.

Beris Coil Features:

Heat-resistant carcass molded from thermoplastic polyester material

High-quality enamelled copper wire, F, H, N different insulation grades for selection

Built-in yoke, made of low carbon iron

Encapsulated in high quality specially engineered thermoset and thermoplastic materials

In short, our products are not only capable and varied, but you can also save money by ordering them at reasonable prices.


Looking to buy Solenoid Coils in France?

We have a large market in France and also have our own distributors, you can contact us or contact them directly. We can tailor products for your project. Our products are high quality, versatile and low cost. It has always been loved by French customers. If you are interested in our coil products, please feel free to contact us by sending an inquiry or calling us!

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