Replacement coils for Rexroth Solenoid Coil for sale online


Rexroth solenoid coil is also known as Rexroth solenoid valve coil or Rexroth coil. The solenoid coil works as an actuator based on electromagnetic induction principle. 

We are a professional solenoid valve coil manufacturer and can provide you with high-performance solenoid valve coils. The solenoid valve coils we produce are comparable in quality to Rexroth coils, but our price is much lower than it. The advantage of choosing us is that it can reduce the capital investment for your project. If you need to buy solenoid valve coils, then you can contact us. Of course, if you need special customized solenoid valve coils, we can also meet your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.


Why Choose Our Coils to Replace Rexroth Solenoid Coil

Rexroth is a popular brand of solenoids, solenoids, solenoid valves and pumps. As a leading solenoid valve coil manufacturer in China, we are able to manufacture solenoid coil products of the same quality as Rexroth.

Due to the good quality of our products, the price is affordable. Many businesses, companies, choose our solenoid valve coil products.

Here are the reasons to choose our solenoid valve coils instead of Rexroth solenoid coils

  • We manufacture solenoid valve coil products in China, and export quality is guaranteed. Affordable prices can reduce procurement costs for enterprises.
  • Configure advanced technology and set up production lines. Able to produce 100% products of the same quality as Rexroth solenoid coils.
  • We have extensive overseas sales experience, no matter which country you are from. We can all provide you with professional services.
  • Our electromagnetic coils are very popular, and currently the electromagnetic coils have been exported to many countries and regions in the world such as India, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Malaysia.
  • We provide customized services. For some special requirements of solenoid coil design, we also provide custom design service


Looking for a Replacement for Rexroth Solenoid Coils?

Rexroth solenoid valve coils are a well-known brand. But it's expensive, we can provide you professional, high-quality, affordable solenoid valve coils. Replace Rexroth solenoid valve coils with our solenoid valve coil products.

Please contact us if you need it. We will provide you with professional solenoid valve coil products.

Beris Electronic offers a complete range of solenoid valve coils, which designed into various types, mainly features encapsulated coils, including thermoplastic and thermosetting. We also provide excellent Customized service.

Our coils have the characteristics of high performance, high reliability and long service life, can be used for different applications.


What is the Price of Solenoid Valve Coils?

Our solenoid valve coils will all be sold at the factory wholesale price, which is cheaper than the ones on the market. And the quality of our coils is the same as Rexroth's coils, and the product quality is trustworthy.

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