The Main Reason for Solenoid Valve Coil Heating


We can find that when the solenoid valve is in operation, its coil will generate heat. Some people worry that this phenomenon will affect the stable operation of the solenoid valve. Today we will study and explore the reasons and detection methods that cause the coil to heat up.

Generally speaking, the main reason for solenoid valve coil heating is due to the long working time, but as long as the temperature is within a reasonable range, the heating problem will not affect the normal operation of the solenoid valve. If the temperature is too high, you need to be alert:

The Main Reason for Solenoid Valve Coil Heating

1. Overload work, the actual working condition of the solenoid valve exceeds the working environment range of the original product design, such as long-term operation, excessive environmental transition, unreasonable power supply voltage, etc., will cause the solenoid valve coil to heat up.

2. Inappropriate selection during use, because the common solenoid valves on the market have normally open and normally closed types. If the normally open type is required in actual work, but the normally closed type used by the user, the solenoid valve coil will naturally heat up.

3. The quality of the solenoid valve coil purchased by the user is not good, but the probability of this occurrence is relatively small. Basically, the manufacturer pays high attention to the quality and brand of their own products.

4. The coil of the solenoid valve is equipped with an energy-saving protection module. Although the main function of this device is to save energy and cool down, once it fails, it will also cause the coil to heat up.

How to Detect the Quality of Solenoid Valve Coils?

We can use the tool of a multimeter to measure the resistance of the solenoid valve. Generally, the resistance of the coil is about 100 ohms. Once the test result shows that the resistance of the coil is infinite, it means that the solenoid valve coil is burned out.

In addition, iron products can also be used to detect its quality. The specific method is to energize the solenoid valve coil and place the iron product on the solenoid valve. If the solenoid valve cannot hold the iron product, the coil is broken.

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