What are DIN 43650 Solenoid Connectors: The Ultimate Guide


DIN 43650 Solenoid Connectors

DIN 43650 solenoid connectors are durable valve connectors used across a wide range of industrial applications. They're not affected by voltage surges or electro-magnetic interference.


Types of DIN 43650 solenoid connectors

DIN 43650 solenoid connectors are available in three formats: Form A, Form B or Form C. They're made to function within certain voltage limits. There are also three gasket options available for DIN connectors: NBR Profile, NBR Flat or EPDM Flat, each with different characteristics. While NBR rubber is an oil-resistant material, EPDM rubber isn't as resilient against oils but can cope better with ozone, heat and adverse weather conditions. Male and female solenoid connectors are available and they're designed with different enclosure locks to choose from.


What are DIN 43650 solenoid connectors used for?

DIN 43650 solenoid connectors are suitable for use in varied industrial applications such as machine building and tooling or equipment manufacture. Other applications include facilitating power and signal transmission in magnetic valves, temperature sensors and pressure transducers.


DIN 43650 Form A, Form B, Form C Comparison Chart

Here is a comparison chart for the basic characteristics of all three forms of DIN 43650 solenoid valve connectors. Aspects such as housing shape, pin type, pin spacing, and cable entry all vary depending on whether the connector is Form A, Form B, or Form C.

DIN 43650/EN 175301-803 Connector Characteristics
Type Form A Form B Form C

Pin Spacing 18mm 10mm
11mm - Industry Standard
9.4mm - Industry Standard
Pin Count 2 + Ground
3 + Ground
2 + Ground 2 + Ground
3 + Ground
Pin Type U-Shape Flat Blade - 11mm
1 Flat Blade, 2 U-Shape - 10mm
Flat Blade
Manufacturers Hirschmann
MURR Elektronik
Cable Entry M16
PG 9
PG 11
1/2" NPT
PG 9
1/2" NPT
PG 7
Base Shape Square Rectangle Square


Your Trusted DIN 43650 Solenoid Connectors Company

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