How to Find Solenoid Valve Coil Manufacturers in Turkey

Many people ask where to find solenoid valve coil manufacturers in Turkey, in fact, there are many solenoid valve coil suppliers and manufacturers in Turkey. In order to facilitate users to find the right coil manufacturer, we have listed the top 5 most popular suppliers in Turkey! Please read on.


1. Ningbo Beris Electronic Company (BRS)

Company Profile:Ningbo BRS Electronics Co., Ltd. (BRS) is a professional manufacturer engaged in the design, development and manufacture of solenoid valve coils, armature assemblies and connectors.They provide standard or customized electromagnetic coils and accessories products for global customers, and they provide professional one-stop solutions.

Beris Electronics is characterized by high-quality products and services,Reasonable cost and prompt delivery. The company is located in the center of the pneumatic industrial cluster in Ningbo, China. Their products are often sold to Turkey.

Address:No.12 Longxing Road, Longguan Town, Ningbo, China 315166

Key Products: 

  • Solenoid Coils
  • Pneumatic Solenoid Coil
  • Hydraulic Solenoid Coil
  • Refrigeration Solenoid Coil
  • Fluid Control Solenoid Coil
  • Textile Machine Solenoid Coil
  • Electric Solenoid Coil
  • Automotive Solenoid Coil
  • Solenoid Valve Armature
  • Solenoid Connector


2. Kunag Fluid Control System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Company Profile:Kunag Fluid Control System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a company focusing on R&D and production. Their products sell well in Turkey.

Component customization and system integration products in the field of microfluidics mainly include inkjet solenoid valves, medical and environmental protection solenoid valves, micro pinch valves, micro diaphragm valves, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant solenoid valves, proportional solenoid valves, regulating valves, and breathing valves. safety valve. Sampling valve. Smart chip instruments, controllers, flow meters, sensors, transmitters, pumps, ink negative pressure systems, connector accessories and imports, etc.

Address:Lane 819, Qinghewan Road, Qingpu industrial Park, Qingpu District.

Key Products: 

  • Solenoid Valve
  • Solenoid Coil
  • Tripping Coil
  • Control Transformer
  • Thermocouple Sensor and much more


3. Christian-Bürkert lnc.

Company Profile:Christian-Bürkert lnc. is a very professional electromagnetic coil manufacturer. Their products are widely used in high-end fields such as industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing, automobiles, high-speed rail, and medicine, and their sales network covers domestic and foreign markets. They have also won the trust of customers by providing good quality and service. Their products sell well in Turkey.

Address:Straße 13 - 17 74653 Ingelfingen

Key Products:

  • Solenoid Coils
  • Solenoid Valve Coils
  • Vibrator Coils
  • Vickers Coils


4. Ningbo Anlite Machinery Co., Ltd.

Company Profile:Ningbo Anlite Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and is located in Xikou, Ningbo, the hometown of pneumatics. After years of unremitting efforts, Anlite has become a professional manufacturer of armature/piston tube assembly/solenoid core in China. They have close business ties with locals in Turkey.


Key Products:

  • Solenoids Valve Coils (pnuematic)
  • Solenoid Valve Coils ( Hydraulics )
  • Solenoid Coil
  • Dc Contactors
  • Magnet Coils
  • AC & Dc Brake Coils
  • AC & Dc Clutch Coils
  • Field Coils & Hv Coils Insulator Ring
  • Impedence Bond & Interpole Coils
  • Strip Coils for Transformers
  • Circuit Breaker Coils


5. CEME lnc.

Company Profile:Founded in 1974, CEME has become a milestone in the production of solenoid pumps and solenoid valves in Italy and throughout the world. Over the years, the company has diversified its product range and applications, enriching its range of solenoid pumps, solenoid valves, pressure switches, flow meters and other components for the correct control of the passage of any type of fluid: water, gas, steam, air .

CEME is known for its technical engineering expertise, quality, flexibility and unique ability to develop innovative solutions for clients in Italian and international markets. Technology requires control.

Address:Viale dell'Industria, 5 27020 - Trivolzio (PV), Italy

Key Products: 

  • Ignition Transformer
  • Solenoid Valve Coils



In Turkey, the demand for solenoid valve coils is still quite large. You can get cheap solenoid valve coil products from the above suppliers for sale. Of course, you can also contact us to obtain a large number of competitive coil products! We look forward to hearing from you.

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