The Best Solenoid Coil Connectors for Sale Online in 2022


Find reliable solenoid connectors at BRS to connect solenoid valves and coils in pneumatic systems. Choose the voltage class and size that is right for your application. BRS provides high quality solenoid connectors for your compressed air system.

Product Features:

  1. Square DIN style, reduced wiring time
  2. Three DIN 43650 standard forms A, B, & C
  3. 8mm, 9.4mm, 10mm, 11mm, and 18mm (3-pole) connectors
  4. Available in terminal and grommet coil types.
  5. Multiple AC and DC voltages to choose from.


Buy DIN 43650 Solenoid Valve Connectors

Form A Connectors

Form B Connectors

Form C Connectors


Buy by Voltage Type

AC 24V

AC 110V

AC 220V

DC 12V

DC 24V


Buy by Contacts Spacing








Buy Cheap Solenoid Valve Connectors Now

We are a professional solenoid valve and connector manufacturer, producing high standard solenoid coil connectors for overseas customers every year. Our products are comparable to Parker, SMC, and other brands, and are their best substitutes.

Find reliable solenoid coil connectors that can connect the solenoid valves and coils in your pneumatic system. Lead types include cord, molded wire, and plug-in. Select the voltage level and size that can fit your application.

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